Monday, January 28, 2013

January 25-27th Weekend

Planning takes time but the fruits of the labor are starting to take shape.  Take a look around.  Things are lookin' good in Blythewood !
This Weekend in Blythewood
January 25th, 26th, 27th

Sign of the times!

Have you noticed the new signage going up on the entrance ramp coming into Blythewood?    What a welcoming sight it will be for 'homebodies' and visitors alike when the sprucing up project at I-77's  Exit 27 is complete.  Directional signs and all the regular traffic cautions look very impressive on their black poles and with their framed corners.   When the project is complete travelers will be getting off the interstate just to find out what's going on at this smartly dressed exit. 
There's no question about it.  Blythewood is dressing for success!!

Paving the Way...
 "Old Man Winter"  got in the way, this week, so the last bit of paving in Doko Meadows should be finished by next week's end.    Who knew the temps had to be 'just right' for that black pavement to settle in and stay put?  


Coming Soon!
Feb 23 - USC Equestrian Team Vs. Texas A & M University
One Wood Farm

March 9 - IHSA Equestrian Team
(USC Club Team) Competition Three Fox Farm

March 9-10 - Blythewood Omnium: Presented by Cobblestone Park

Details for all events will be available soon!

Where to?

It's all in the details...

Work on "The Manor" continues both inside and out so before you know it, the meetings and parties will commence in earnest.   If you're looking for a venue for a wedding reception, family reunion, birthday party, or business  meeting call the Town Hall ( 803.754.0501 ) to inquire about availability  and pricing.  Get ready to party!!  It won't be long, now!
Go Have a Great Weekend!