Friday, March 28, 2014


Though the Town of Blythewood has been incorporated since 1879 and existed for a long period of time as a small rural village more so than an official municipal government, this month marks 40 years since the Town of Blythewood’s first election held on March 26, 1974. At that time, 22 of the town’s 25 eligible voters—an 88% turnout—elected Harold Boney as Intendant/Mayor and Elton Wilson, Tom Boney, Jerry Clark, and Mel Maurer as Wardens/Councilmen. The rest is, well, history! To recognize the revival of Blythewood’s municipal government, the Blythewood Historical Society will make brief presentation at the next Town Council meeting on Monday, March 31, at The Manor at Doko Meadows, starting at 7:00 PM. Those who took part in, or who have interest in, the first elections of 1974 are invited to attend this public meeting.