Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5th-7th Weekend

All this rain is filling up our lakes and reservoirs and getting us ready for the hot months ahead.  As for this weekend in Blythewood, it'll be perfect weather to get out and have some fun watching baseball or getting those flower beds ready for some beautiful May flowers. 
This Weekend in Blythewood
April 5th, 6th, and 7th

All this rain is filling up our lakes and reservoirs and getting us ready for the hot months ahead.  As for this weekend in Blythewood, it'll be perfect weather to get out and have some fun watching baseball or getting those flower beds ready for some beautiful May flowers. 

Bringing home the Hardware!

Congratulations to the USC Equestrian Team for winning the inaugural SEC Equestrian Championship!  All that practice over at One Wood Farm has paid off in a big way for our 'hometown' girls.  We're so proud!!! Blythewood salutes you for your hard work and winning ways!!! 

Sign Up Now!!

Register now so you can tee it up with a friend for a fun night of "Glow Ball' on April 19 at the Golf Club of South Carolina at Crickentree.  The Greater Blythewood Chamber of Commerce is presenting 9 holes of golf fun with a shotgun start at 7:30pm.  Two person teams are $100 and individual players are $60.  All the proceeds will go to scholarships for our local Blythewood students.  Come tee it up and have a ball...."Glow Ball" that is. 
Register at:

A Poem lovely
as a Tree

They say the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago.  The second best time is today.  Be a part of something big that will last a lifetime.  For $200 you can adopt a tree as a fitting memorial or celebration  to someone special in your life or a special occasion to be remembered. Find out more about this wonderful opportunity that is being presented by a partnership between  The Town of Blythewood and the Blythewood Garden Club.

The Doko Meadows Commemorative Tree Project.

Choose from five varieties of trees that will be planted in the park.

Hightower Willow Oak
October Glory Red Maple
Fruitless Sweet Gum
Chinese Pistache
Bald Cypress

For more information:
Kristi Coggins

Walk this way......

A senior student at Blythewood High School is hosting a 5K run/walk at the school on Saturday, April 13th at 10a.m.  The race is a fundraiser for the Hidden Wounds organization, which is a local group dedicated to providing counseling and services for veterans suffering from PTSD and related illnesses.  What a wonderful way to support our veterans and stay fit at the same time!

Patrick Kelly
Lead Teacher, Future Visions
Blythewood High School
803.691.4090 Ext. 28202

Service with a Smile

Senior Resources put  Mike Ross to work this week delivering lunch to senior citizens in the Blythewood area.  The Meals On Wheels program provides lunch each day to homes in the area, making sure our seniors get a healthy meal.  This week they got an extra special treat because it's not every day the Mayor comes a calling to serve your noontime meal.  Why not join the Mayor with helping out with Meals on Wheels. 
Just contact Annie Eveleigh at 803.252.7734, Ext. 256.

Mark your Calendar!

April 13 -5K Walk/Run @ BHS for                     Hidden Wounds
10:00 a.m.  BHS
Patrick Kelly
803.691-4090 Ext. 28202

April 16 -  TEA TIME Opening Day
          Presented by The Blythewood Historical Society/Visitors Center
Open each week
Noon- 5pm
more info:  803.333.8133

April 19 - "Glow Ball" Tournament
Sponsored by The Greater Blythewood Chamber of Commerce
7:30 pm Shotgun Start
Crickentree Golf Course

April 19 - Great American CLEANUP
                   Surrounding area
                 of Blythewood Park
                    126 Boney Road
                   9:00am -11:00am
    Info: Tavares Hanks 754-6720 Ext. 239

May 18 - Blythewood Beach Bash
                        5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Featuring The Sensational Epics
Presented by Bravo Blythewood
All proceeds go to the
American Cancer Society.
Cobblestone Park


Hope your Weekend is a Big Hit!!

Take me out to the Ballgame!!!

What's better than a full day of baseball games?  Three full days of baseball games!!  The 3rd Annual SC Invitational baseball tournament got off to a soggy start yesterday so Mayor Mike threw the first pitch this morning at 9:30 am and got the bats swinging for the next three days.  
Come on over to Blythewood High School to watch 8 teams from around the state challenge each other in 16 games.  It should be a great time and who may be able to find a box or two of Cracker Jack!!

    SC Diamond Invitational
Baseball Tournament
Sponsored by The Town of Blythewood
and Blythewood High School
All games played at Blythewood High School Friday - Sunday

Tie One On....

...then tie the other one on and come on out to Doko Meadows to join the Mayor on his first power walk of the season.  Mayor Mike Ross will be walking in the park each Tuesday evening starting at 6:00 pm so come join the fun and share your thoughts with 'Mayor Mike'.

Walk with the Mayor
Doko Meadows
Every Tuesday
6:00 p.m.

Who Knew?

The average number of people airborne over the U.S. in any given hour:  61,000

Spring Cleaning Time

Come join the Great American Cleanup effort on Friday, April, 19 from 9:00 - 11:00 am.  Trash will be picked up along Boney Road.
Call Traveres Hanks
at 803.754.6720 Ext. 239

Just Your Cup of Tea

You can almost taste it!!  Wonderful teas from the Cornwallis Tea House Co., in Winnsboro,  and tasty treats from local caterer Mary Ellen Tobias and  Linda and Richard Hewlette of The Company of OHS.   There's no better way to spend  time with friends or family than over a plate of goodies and a cup of tea. 
                Tea Time
is presented by the Blythewood Historical Society and Visitors Center and  will be available each week Tuesday - Friday from Noon - 5:00 pm. 
Opening day is Tuesday, April 16.....just in time to perk you up from those post 'tax day blues'. 
Come and enjoy!!!

I LOVE Beach Music!!!

Dust the cobwebs off those folding chairs and make plans now to come back out to Cobblestone Park for the 5th Annual Blythewood Beach Bash presented by Bravo Blythewood.
Once again The Sensational Epics will win our hearts and 'soles' with their fabulous beach tunes and the dance floor will be a busy place for all you shag lovers.
As in years past, all proceeds from this event go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Blythewood Beach Bash
May 18, 2013
5pm - 10pm
Cobblestone Park

If you're out and about this weekend and happen to pass by the corner of Langford  and Sandfield Roads you'll notice quite a bit of activity in the McLean pecan grove.   Robert McLean, son of Jim and Frankie McLean,   is the Film/TV Director and Producer of a movie called 'The Invention of Cloudsurfing' that is being filmed, in part,on his family's land.  Robert is a graduate of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and a talented film producer that has brought his talent home to Blythewood to then share with the rest of the world.  Welcome Home, Robert!!